Swans H2


With the increasing popularity of laptop computers, how can one provide a tasteful and refined speaker design with superior finish, and can one make music more expressive while keeping in mind the size requirements of many laptop users, this is the design concept for H2.

Because of the limitations of desktop space, as well as the consideration of matching laptop computer design, most multimedia speakers adopt 2-3" drivers, which balance size with sound performance. HiVi H2 is a 2" full range desktop stereo speaker system with a luxurious finish.

For it's finish, H2 uses natural ebony wood veneer covered by a clear coat piano lacquer. The whole process is entirely done by hand: veneer application, painting, and sanding. The front baffle is covered in soft black leather. The beautiful box easily matches most laptops and can integrate well with modern or classical interior designs. 2" full range speakers in each cabinet with silver driver rings finish off the H2's delicate visual design.

An external 9V DC transformer is used as the H2's power supply. On the back of the right speaker can be found a power input jack, power switch, power indicator light, audio input jack, satellite speaker power output socket, volume control switch, and port tube. The volume control buttons adopt differentiation design; the volume attenuation keys are concave while volume gain keys are convex. The users can easily recognize each by touch for convenient operation. On the back of the left speaker there is a 3.5mm power input jack for the line output from the right speaker to plug into.

As the core component for the speakers, H2 applies HiVi's new 2" full range drivers which adopt a composite natural fiber diaphragm creating sweet and natural sound. A folding design with long-stroke linear displacement allows the H2's small box size to display full low-frequency effects. The perfect balance between driver and cabinet were reached through Small / Thiele parameter optimization design techniques.

As a 2" full-range multimedia speaker, the design focus was on reaching a level of balance and low frequency sound quality. Although there are physical limitations by the size of the drivers, after optimization the H2's can allow users to experience low-frequency details which aren't normally heard on heard on small-sized laptop speakers.

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Swans H2
"Model : Swans H2
Series : swans MINI 2-channel Multimedia Series
Acoustic System
System Type : One-way vented full range speaker
Drivers Configuration : 2" Full range driver
Frequency Range : 124Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity : 80dB (2.83V/1m)
Nominal Impedance : 8 Ω
Power Range : 1-15W
Amplifier System
Frequency Range : 60Hz-20KHz
Rated Power : 3W×2
Signal-to-Noise : 90dB
Harmonic Distortion : THD<1% (8Ω1kHz)
Input sensitivity : 350mv
Input impedance : 47KΩ
Others parameter
Finish : Ebony wood veneer covered with clear coat piano lacquer
dimension(W×D×H mm) : 79×95×115(mm)
net weight : 0.53Kg(main box)/ 0.525Kg(Satellite box)
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