?????     By virtue of the aggression and innovation, HiVi has become the pursuing sign of the futuristic technologic theory. HiVi car audio products have always been trusted and concerned by the peers and customers.

    HiVi has maintained its products in high-definition, low distortion, and other styles, whether the well-known D series of high-end products or the common loudspeaker systems with competitive prices. The maintained soul has fully reflected the comprehensive strengths of HiVi factories to producing, developing and researching. Faced with the complicated market competition, we continue to use technology in our products and add value to them continuously in order to meet the needs of our customers. Upholding the HI-END ideas of HiVi, with merit of the accurate sound, rounded tamber, wide sound field, along with no reservations about the details refection, can make you feel the real music.

    This series have 4 kinds of styles on Coaxial System, and 2 on Component System. All cones, the tweeter and woofer units, are used polypropylene material to be shaped. Owning the physical characteristics of polymers, it also adopts a high-loss of fatigue-resistant rubber surround, and the waterproof and moisture-proof design. Moreover, high-performance magnetic ferrite magnet circuit supply powerful drives force to the high sound pressure, which can give you full frequency and vigorous and stylish bass.

   Tweeter units all employ high performance neodymium-iron-boron and three way magnet circuits, with high density of magnet flux, also the natural faric high damp silk membrane; these make broad and straight frequency, better definition, better transient response, exquisite and natural tamber. High-power low-mass CCAW voice coil with refrigerant Ferrosound liquid magnet, enhance endurance of the power!

    Coaxial system with tweeter and woofer units as whole, strict configuration, this facility client's equipment, component system adopt independent crossover, accurately focus on the sound, natural fluent connection between tweeter and woofer. The tweeter unit can be circumrotated with 30 degree incline, which will make listener hear truly and perfect voice from special radiation area. Three different ways to equip, develop the facility of mounting whole hog, and can change the back and front ornament of tweeter as users' like!

    C1900 Professional Car Audio Loudspeaker System user manual, DownLoad.

Products Graph:

C5W Bottom View
C5W Top View
C5W Side View
C1900 Top View
C1900 Side View
CST225C Side View

Car Speakers:

System constitution : Swans Car Loudspeaker System
*2Driver Units Woofer : C5W
Tweeter : CST225C
crossover : C1900F
Sensitivity : 90dB
Frequency response : 60Hz-23KHz
Max power handling : 120W
Nominal power handling : 40W
Nominal impedance :
Installation dimensions : Ø 138
Bore dimension : Ø 116
Mounting depth : >62
Grille dimensions : Ø 158x22
Crossover point : 2.6KHz
High-pass attenuation slope : -12dB/Octave
Low-pass attenuation slope : -12dB/Octave
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