Swans M10


The classy black and white casing makes the Swans M 10 a truly vogue product. Swans M10 adopts acoustic friendly real wood enclosure, keeping resonance to a minimum. Whether connected to your PC as a stand alone speaker or to your iPhone / iPod as a portable speaker, the M10 delivers impressive sound quality.

The Swans M10 is a 3 way 2.1 channel multimedia speaker system. The satellite speaker is composed of a 3" midrange-woofer coupled with natural fiber soft dome tweeter that are responsible for the 120Hz 20kHz frequency range. To complete the set, a separate 5" long excursion subwoofer with specially optimized Thiele / Small parameters is designed to ensure high quality bass reproduction. M10 is also a magnetically shielded system, so it is safe for electronic devices.

The mid-high range of Swans M10 is natural, while the low frequency is real. You can hear the difference.

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Swans M10
Swans M10 Specification
Acoustic System
Series : Swans 2.1 Multimedia Speaker
System Type : 1-way vented box active system Driver Configuration
Woofer : 5"
Frequency Range : 42-5kHz
Power Handling : 10-40W
Amplifier System
Frequency Range : 100Hz-20kHz
Rated Power : 8Wx2 RMS
Signal-to-Noise : >88dB
Distortion : THD < 0.01% ( 8Ω?1KHz?1W )
Input Sensitivity : 600mV
Input Impedance : 22KΩ
Separate Degree : >60dB(L?R)
Finish : Pearl white panel with black flat PVC
Dimension : 245×258×172
Net Weight (Kg) : 4.2 kg
Swans M20S Satellite Speaker Specification
Acoustic System
System Type : 2-way 1st sealed box system
Driver Configuration Woofer : 3"
Tweeter : 20mm dome tweeter
Frequency Range : 140Hz--20kHz
Distortion : 280Hz-20kHz=1% (2.83 V/1m)
Sensitivity : 87dB 2.83V/1m
Nominal Impedance :
Power Handling : 1-20W
Finish : Pearl white panel with black flat PVC
Dimension : 110×100×172
Net Weight (Kg) : 0.84 k
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