Swans 2.3F


Swans 2.3 HT Flagship Home Theater System

Continuing the legend, the King is back

Swans 2.2HT obtained two prizes on the international stage for it抯 innovation linear ribbon speaker structure, Hi-End appearance, and perfect reproduction of a detailed sound field.
The 2.3HT is our newest revision of the Swans 2.2HT. Swans 2.3 is an ultimate ribbon speaker system, with it抯 design focused on sound quality and sound stage reproduction. Swans 2.3 front/back linear sound source system creates a large and powerful sound stage. It抯 huge dynamic range with power from 1w to 1500w can easily convey the detail and warmth of large concerts. Suitable for the customers with a listening room over 400 sq.ft. that want the best sound available for both hi-end music and the sound effects of today抯 movies. High resolution Isodynamic ribbon tweeters, low loss linear transmission sound source, and two independent 15" subwoofers. Swans 2.3HT is suitable for large villa抯, professional recording studios, screening theaters, or broadcast systems.

Swans 2.3HT is composed of two front speakers (Swans 2.3F), a center speaker (Swans 2.3C), and two surround speakers (Swans 2.3R) and two Swans 2.3 Subwoofers.

Modern Hi-End design

HiVi抯 original Isodynamic ribbon designs are well known throughout the world. The 2.3HT takes full advantage of the strength of our ribbon technology bringing sound quality to a new level.

Swans 2.3F uses 20pcs of 28mm dome tweeter and 20pcs of RT1.3 on the front baffle, 12pcs of 28mm dome tweeter and 12pcs of RT1.3 mounted to the rear of the baffle. The drivers are arranged in a Front/Back linear sound source system. The mid-range uses HiVi professional 6" full range driver. The Swans 2.3 Sub adopts a large professional 15" driver.

Swans 2.3C uses many of the same drivers used in the Swans 2.3F to preserve tonal uniformity across the front sound field, including the RT1.3 Isodynamic ribbon tweeter, 28mm dome tweeter, and 4 6" mid-low frequency drivers.

Swans 2.3R is a Bi-pole system, adopting 2 6" mid-low frequency drivers, 2 28mm dome tweeters, and 4 RT1.3 Isodynamic ribbon ultra tweeters. Power is strong enough wrap the listener in the ideal surround sound field.

The input power range of Swans 2.3F is 10W-800W, power is distributed to a multi-cell linear matrix structure. This special structure makes every driver work in an optimal low distortion situation. Measuring almost 2 meters in height and finished in the highest quality natural wood veneer, the Swans 2.3F are as stunning visually as they are acoustically.

Excellent drivers succeed in making a great speaker system

The unique and patented magnetic belt structure of the RT1.3 is complimented by our ultra thin integrated Kapton / Aluminum membrane with the conductive electric surface occupying 90% of the membranes surface. Each membrane is precisely installed over the center of 5 rows of neodymium Boron Iron magnetic bars that actuate the driving force. The RT1.3抯 membrane vibrates in the same manner as traditional dome tweeter to produce sound but because 90% of the actuating surface is also serves as the systems driving force it is able to produce sound in a way that a dome tweeter using a voice coil never could. It can easily produce the slightest of sounds and highest of frequencies effortlessly. The transient characteristics of our Isodynamic ribbon designs go far beyond the traditional dome tweeter.

HiVi 28mm tweeter uses natural fabric dome diaphragm from Germany, frequency response is smooth, tamber is sweet and clear. The driving structure is composed using shielded high performance neodymium Iron Boron magnets. The drivers use a liquid coolingsystem with a special magnetic liquid to reduce the non-linear distortion of the driver unit at high-power.

HiVi professional 6.5" mid-range and 15" woofer make sure the speaker system can reach the limits of low frequency effect.

Swans 2.3F broke through traditional design ideas, both the front and back panel install a line of high and mid frequency drivers. It is a Bi-pole multi-direction radiation speaker system.

Swans 2.3HT high sensitivity design allows the system to be driven by 100w-800w high fidelity amplifiers.

Sound could be so real.

Sound takes shape. Sound enters your ears and takes you gently away to paradise. Calm melodies pace back and forth unconstrained around the room. Emotions flow free in the music. Sorrowful ballads, dark and fragrant fluctuate and shake your heart.

Pure and natural, a soothing wind blows through trees and gently shaking leaves. Slowly you drift into tranquility. The sounds of modern life slip away from memory as your mind returns to it抯 natural state. At the heart of the metropolis, a pool of serenity in the concrete desert. Drink and fill your soul with the music.

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Swans 2.3F
Series : Flagship series
Model : Swans 2.3F
System Type : 4-way 4th order vented box system
Drivers Configuration Woofer : PD15
Med-range : PD6×6 pieces
Tweeter : TN28.1×32 pieces
Ultra tweeter : RT1.3×32 pieces
Frequency Range : 28Hz ~ 20kHz
Distortion : 50Hz ~ 20kHz =1%(2.83V/1m)
Sensitivity(2.83V/m) : 88dB
Nominal Impedance :
Power Handling : 10 ~ 800W
Finish : Wood veneer/ Piano lacquer
Dimensions (mm) : 760×351×1890
Net Weight (Kg/unit) : 116.5kg
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