CA800 Car Amplifier


Specific Specifications
800W 4 channel High Performance Amplifier
Selectable Crossover:LPF,FLAT,HPF
50Hz-250Hz Low Pass Filter
50Hz-250Hz High Pass Filter
Selectable 12dB on/off Bass Boost
4 x 60W Rms @ 4 Ohm Stereo
4 x 120W Rms @ 2 Ohm Stereo
2 x 400W Max @ 4 Ohm Bridged
Fuse Rating: 20Ax2
Dimensions: 34.2 " Lx26.5 " Wx5.5 " H
Common Features:
Overload,Short and Thermal Protection Circuit
Frequency Response:20 Hz-20KHz
Full MOSFET Circuitry
Selectable Bass Boost @ 50Hz
50dB Channel Separation
90dB Signal Noise Ratio
22K Ohm Input Impedance
200mV-2V Input Sensitivity
Controls Continued
Gain Adjustment:
This control adjusts the amplifier ' s input sensitivity.Input sensitivity is variable from 200 Millivolts to 2 Volt.Turn the control clockwise to increase sensitivity.Turning the control counter-clockwise will decrease sensitivity. This control is not a volume control for the amplifier.The amplifier can be driven to full power with a wide range of signal levels.A low level signal will require increased sensitivity for full power.A high level signal will require decreased sensitivity.
RCA Inputs:
These inputs are for signal cables from a source unit.Always use high quality RCA cables.
Bass Boost Switch: By using the bass boost function,bass notes at 50 Hz are amplified in increments of 0dB,6dB and 12dB.

Adjust the crossover for your chosen installation method. -LPF:Low Pass Filter-only(50Hz-250Hz) -FLAT:No filtering for speakers.Use with full-range speakers. -HPF:High pass filter(50Hz-250Hz)
B-Terminal(Chassis ground):
To avoid unwanted ignition noise caused by ground loops,it is essential that the amplifier be grounded to a clean,bare metal surface of the vehicles chassis.
B+Terminal( Battery positive):
Due to the power requirements of the Amplifier,this connection should be made directly to the positive(+)terminal of the battery.For safety measure, install an in-line fuse Holder(not included) as close to the battery positive (+)terminal as possible with an ampere rating not to exceed total value of fuses on the Amplifier.
Remote Turn-On Input:
Connect to remote turn-on wire of head unit.The amplifier is turned " ON ", remotely when the vehicle ' s head unit is turned " ON " .
Variable Low-Pass Filter(50Hz-250Hz):
For use as a dedicated subwoofer channel,set filter switch to " LPF " . Adjust variable crossover frequency with control as desired.The amplifier input circuit filters out everything above 50Hz to 250Hz(dependent on the adjustment of the frequency control),so only the deepest bass notes are amplified.
Variable High-Pass Filter(50Hz-250Hz):
For use as a dedicated mid-range channel,set filter switch to " HPF " .The circuit filters out all frequencies below 50 Hz to 250 Hz.
Power Indicator LED:
This Blue LED will illuminate when the amplifier is turned " ON " .
If you plan to expand your system by adding other components sometime in the future,ensure adequate space is left. If your head unit/source is equipped with Pre-Amp outputs,it is possible to utilize them to drive this Amplifier. Are your component speakers matched? The peak power rating of your speakers must be equal or greater than the Amplifier ' s.Speakers connect to this amplifier must have a 2-8 Ohm impedance. Consider both the length of your leads,and routing when determining the mounting location.Pre-Amp input Jacks require high quality shielded RCA patch cords.
The mounting position of your Amplifier will have a great effect on its ability to dissipate the heat generated during normal operation.The Amplifier has an efficient heat sink for proper heat dissipation,also integrated with a thermal shutdown(for heat protection)circuit.Allowing air around the cooling fins will improve heat dissipation dramatically.DO NOT enclose the amplifier in a small box or cover it so that air cannot flow around the cooling fins. Temperatures in car trunks have been measured as high as(158 o F)in the summer time.Since the thermal shut-down point for the Amplifier is(160 o F)it must be mounted for maximum cooling.To achieve maximum convection air flow in an enclosed trunk,mount the amplifier in a vertical position,on a vertical surface. Cooling requirements are considerably relaxed when mounting inside the passenger compartment since the driver will not often allow temperatures to reach a critical point.Floor mounting under the seat is usually satisfactory as long as there is at least 1 inch(2.54cm)above the Amplifier ' s fins for ventilation.
To mount the Amplifier:
1.Use the amplifier as a template to mark the mounting holes.
2.Use extreme caution,inspect underneath surface before drilling.
3.Remove the Amplifier and drill the marked holes.
4.Secure the Amplifier using the screws provided.
The amplifier automatically turns on a few seconds after you turn your vehicle ' s ignition switch to ACC or ON or turn on your auto sound system, depending on how you have wired the system.The POWER indicator on the side of the amplifier lights illuminates when the amplifier is on.Your amplifier requires power from your vehicle ' s battery during operation. To protect your battery from discharging,do not operate the amplifier unless your vehicle is running. Note:Your amplifier temporarily shuts down if it gets too hot,then restarts automatically once it cools. For the best performance,you must set LEVEL(MIN/MAX)on the side of the amplifier to adjust the level of the audio signals that enter the amplifier.
1. Use a screwdriver to turn LEVEL(MIN/MAX)fully counterclockwise to MIN.
2. Turn the auto sound system ' s volume control to about one-third of its full range.
3. Adjust LEVEL(MIN/MAX)to a comfortable listening level.
4. Turn up the auto sound system ' s volume control until the sound begins to distort.Then Immediately turn the volume down to a point just before where the distortion began.
5. Adjust LEVEL(MIN/MAX) until the sound is at the level you want the amplifier to produce.
6. Adjust the auto sound systems volume control to a comfortable listening level.
NOTE Raising the LPF frequency allows higher frequencies to reach the bass speakers while blocking lower frequencies from midrange speakers.Lowering the Bass frequency allows lower frequencies to reach the midrange speakers while blocking higher frequencies from bass speakers.
This mode allows a Speaker to be operated in MONO mode while the main speakers are playing in Stereo.Set theCrossover(Sub-woofer)switch on Full position.Use a 100 Volt,non polarized capacitor for a high pass crossover and a wire coil(inductor)to block high frequencies from the(Sub) woofer as shown in the figure below.Capacitor and inductor values are provided in the section below to determine certain crossover frequencies. COMPONENT VALUES FOR 6dB PASSIVE CROSSOVER




80 Hz

7.5 mH

470 uF

100 Hz

6.5 mH

330 uF

120 Hz

5.5 mH

330 uF

150 Hz

4 mH

220 uF

CHECK POINT:Is the power LED illuminated?
CURE: 1.Check fuses in amplifier.
2.Be sure Turn-on lead is connected
3 .Check signal leads.
4.Check gain control.
5.Check Head Unit volume level.
6.Clean contacts on fuse holders.
CHECK POINT: Is the Overload LED illuminated?
CURE:Check for speaker short or amplifier overheating.
ON CHECK POINT:No power to power wire
CURE:Repair power wire or connections.
Check point:No power to remote wire with Head unit
on CURE: Check connections to Head unit.
Check point: Fuse broken
CURE: Replace Fuse
CHECK POINT: Check Speaker Leads.
CURE: Inspect for short circuit Check for open Connection.
CURE: Check Speaker Leads Reverse Left and Right RCA input to determine if it is occurring before the amp.
CHECK POINT: Check Speaker load impedance
CURE: Inspect that speaker load impedance recommendations are followed.Check wiring configuration for speakers is correct. (To Verify proper load impedance,use an OHM meter to measure the total load for each channel of the amplifier.)
Investigate the layout of your automobile thoroughly before drilling or cutting any holes.Use extreme care when you work near the gas tanks,gas or hydraulic lines,and electrical wiring.Always make sure the power amplifier is securely mounted.Mounting the amplifier securely to the automobile will prevent damage to the car or injury to a person,particularly in the event of an accident.
Don't mount the system so that the wire connections are unprotected or are subject to pinching or damage from nearby objects.
The+12 VDC power wire must be fused at the battery positive terminal connection.Before making or breaking power connections at the system power terminals,disconnect the+12V wire at the battery.Confirm your head unit and/or other equipment is turned off while connecting the input RCA jacks and speaker terminals.
If you need to replace the amplifier fuses,replace it only with a fuse identical to that supplied with the system.Using a fuse of different type or rating may result in damage to this system which isn't covered by the warranty.

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CA800 Wiring Diagram1
CA800 Frequency Response
CA800 Wiring Diagram2
CA800 Control & Connection Locations

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CA800 Car Amplifier
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