Swans T700F


Swans T700HT Home Theater

High resolution ribbon T series home theater system adopts outstanding cabinet design. Black piano lacquer with silver aluminum panel. T series adopts a non-symmetric triangular baffle plate and multi-reflecting surface design. The whole design forms a three dimensional face that gives a strong visual effect at first sight while also serving acoustic purposes. The thick aluminum triangular front baffle plate dissipates energy minimizing any vibrations effectively reducing sound pollution. Much like a stealth fighter all angles at the speakers front deflect sound waves away from the listener to minimize the cabinet抯 reflective properties making it disappear acoustically in the room.

The tweeter used in the T series is R2 isodynamic ribbon tweeter. Considering the innovative design of T series, the engineers working in HiVi tried to optimize the T/S parameter of the driver units in order to make each driver unit works the best. High frequencies are handled by a HiVi R2 isodynamic ribbon tweeter, in use by several speaker manufacturers in systems costing tens of thousands of dollars. It is able to deliver sounds beyond the range of human hearing with perfect fidelity. While not apparent when viewing the speaker from the front, the T700F features dual 8" rear firing woofers that fill out the low end eliminating the need for a powered subwoofer. Low frequency response is strong and full.

Swans T700HT is composed of two front speakers (Swans T700F), a center speaker (Swans T600C), and two surround speakers (Swans T700R).

Swans T700F is a 3-way 4th order vented box system. The driver configuration consists of a R2 isodynamic ribbon tweeter, a 5"magnesium/aluminum alloy cone mid-range driver, and 2 rear firing 8" woofers.

Swans T600C is a 2 way 4th order vented box system. The driver configuration consists of a isodynamic ribbon tweeter, and two 5" magnesium/aluminum alloy cone woofers.

Swans T700R is a 2 way bi-pole sealed box system. The driver configuration consists of two 28mm treated fabric dome tweeters and two 5" magnesium/aluminum alloy cone woofers.

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Home Theater systems:

Swans T700F
Series : Home Theater System
Model : Swans T700F
System Type : 3-way 4th order vented box system
Drivers Configuration Woofer : YT8N×2
Mid-rang : M6N
Tweeter : R2C
Frequency Range : 36Hz ~ 20kHz
Harmonic Distortion : 47Hz ~ 20kHz =1%(2.83V/1m)
Sensitivity(2.83V/m) : 88dB
Nominal Impedance :
Power Handling : 10 ~ 120W
Finish : Black piano lacquer with aluminum front panel
Dimensions (W×D×H mm) : 283×368×1218
Net Weight : 28.6kg
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