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Swans Diva 4.2 HT

How do you improve on success?

A year ago we set out to re-design the already successful Swans Diva series. The first thing we did was to talk to our customers especially women. What we found was they liked the existing Swans Diva speaker but wanted something that was even sleeker, more graceful, but most importantly, it should blend in with their existing furniture.

Introducing the new Swans Classic series

The shape has changed, the drivers are changed and the sound is better than ever. The tweeter now gently blends into the top. Positioning the tweeter on top of the speaker gives more of a sense of air to the sound. The sleeker shape gives a better and smoother response.

The finish of the cabinets is exquisite in its simplicity. Both the bottom and top cap are finished in a piano black lacquer. The side panels are substantially braced within and have a graceful, curving front-to-back profile. Outside they抮e clad in a rich dark veneer covered in multiple coats of clear piano lacquer hand polished to a deep luxurious finish.

A distinguishing element of many Swans speakers is the externally mounted wide-band dome tweeter, which improves the sense of paciousness in music playback. Further refining this excellent treble performance is the 1" 28mm dome's special high-energy neodymium motor with integral rear decompression chamber and ferrofluid cooling - engineer-speak for an output that's broader, smoother, and more powerful than you get from any conventional tweeter.

For high-power theater sound, Swans designers selected their finest 5" midrange with characteristics perfect for the Classical series. The combination of the Swans dome tweeter technology and robust extended-range midrange performance add up to a very clean and powerful vocal sonic profile.

Swans designers completed the new Swans Classical main speakers with a tandem pair of woofers with seamless, hand-back-damped cones. Listeners are typically surprised by the abundance of clean, articulate bass produced by the Classic抯 testament to the effectiveness of Swans extensive in-house program of advanced driver optimization: Swans simply knows how to wring every ounce of output from each and every driver they make.

The Swans Classical series uses 3 different size woofers, 5", 6.5", and 8" respectively for Swans 4.2 F, 5.2F, 6.2F main speakers, each one suited to be used in different environments.

The matching Swans 4.2R surround speaker and Swans 4.2C center speaker assume the same features of the Swans Classic main speakers. The Swans 4.2C center speaker uses two 5" midrange woofers flanking a centrally mounted 28 mm soft dome tweeter.

Also the matching Swans 4.2C center speaker incorporates identical multi-driver technology, creating a seamless front-stage image for high-performance theater playback. The sound from the combination of drive units in the Swans 4.2C is exceptional: The two 5" woofers on either side of this array lend an authoritative tone to the male voice, and the midrange and tweeter duplicate the excellent dispersion found in the main speakers.

The Swans 4.2R surround speakers are works of art. Sculptured from the same low resonance MDF acoustical board stock used in the other Swans cabinets, they're a true dipolar design and are most effective at creating a convincing ambient surround environment. Dual Swans dome tweeters complete this high-resolution duo. They use two 5" and two 28mm soft dome tweeter configured to a top quality Bi-pole Two 2-way Sealed-Box surround system for best ambient sound field energy and all-enveloping rear sound effects.

Not only does the Swans Classic have a new shape, the sound is equally impressive, This latest technology used in the midrange and woofer gives an incredible natural tonality to voices and music. Testing was done in our newly completed anechoic chamber, which is the largest in China, The results are highly impressive.

The Swans Classic comes in three different models, the 6.2HT, the 5.2HT and the 4.2HT and is guaranteed to please. This is one impressive speaker that everyone will love.

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Swans Diva 4.2F
Series : Home Theater System
Model : Swans Diva 4.2F
System Type : 3-way 4th order vented box system
Drivers Configuration Woofer : YT5N×2
Midrange : YT5N
Tweeter : TN28
Frequency Range : 39Hz ~ 20kHz
Harmonic Distortion : 56Hz ~ 20kHz =1%(2.83V/1m)
Sensitivity(2.83V/m) : 88dB
Nominal Impedance :
Power Handling : 10 ~ 120W
Finish : Rosen wood/ high gloss piano lacquer
Dimensions (W×D×H mm) : 238×350×1048
Net Weight : 22. 5 kg
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