C900 Car Loudspeaker System


In 2003, Swans manufactured a set of hi-end car loudspeaker system B650CS fitting for Bora/Passat car model. It has received numerous good reputations both at home and abroad! Under strong request of many customers, and compared with many different car models, we manufacture a whole set of car loudspeaker system --- C Series Car Loudspeaker System. Taking orders of the consistent principle of Swans---hi-end idea, accurate sound performance, smooth timbre, large sound field and low distortion, thus let you enjoy natural music.

This series includes 4 types of Coaxial System and 2 types of Component System. Because of the particularity of the automobile environment, for promoting the quality and definition of human sound at low and mid-range frequency, therefore, Swans uses rigid ceramic polypropylene talc cone to solve the problem that internal impedance causing by general polypropylene is too large so that it produces rather thick sound and low definition. In addition, because of its excellent flexibility rate, the revivification of sound is natural and flexible. High-performance ferrite magnetic structure supports strong power for the output of high sound pressure with abundant and forceful bass.

All of tweeters adopt high-performance Neodymium sandwich magnetic circuit thus the density flux is high. The nature fabric and high-damping dome membrane makes flat and broad frequency response, high definition, good transient response, and exquisite and natural timbre. High power handling and low mass CCAW voice coil matching with Ferrosound?Ferro fluid cooled system greatly enhances the power endurance.

Component System adopts the individual crossover design, thus making accurate focus of sound, smooth and natural joint of tweeter with bass,and also producing abundant, vivid and natural sound. Using the compact structure of Coaxial System makes it easy to install for the users.  In the Component System, there are three different installing methods for the tweeter, which make it most convenient for users to install as possible as it can. Users can also change the external appearance of tweeter both front and back at will.

Products Graph:

C900 Side View
C900F Crossover Filter
C900W Top View
C900W Side View 1
C900W Side View 2
C900W Part View 1
C900W Part View 2
CST225C Side View

Car Speakers:

C900 Car Loudspeaker System
System constitution : Swans car loudspeaker system
Driver Units woofer : C900W
Tweeter : CST225C
crossover : C900F
Sensitivity : 90dB
Frequency response : 60Hz-23KHz
Max power handling : 120W
Nominal power handling : 40W
Nominal impedance :
Installation dimensions : Ø 138
Bore dimension : Ø 116
Mounting depth : >62
Grille dimensions : Ø 158x22
Crossover point : 5KHz
High-pass attenuation slope : -12dB/Octave
Low-pass attenuation slope : -12dB/Octave
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