RT1.3 Isodynamic Tweeter


High power handling and wide rage response frequency band .No impedance resonance.

Driving force distributes in vibration surface with precision vibration chip which combines of heat-resistant Kapton? Membrane material and heat-resistant conducting electricity membrane, covering about 90% of the chip in 5-way Neodymium magnets. Since RT1.3 has exceptional ability to reveal the dynamics of instruments and sonic resolution, it is recommended to match it with drivers having similar properties in order to maximize the overall integrity of a speaker system. The vibrating element of the RT1.3 is almost weightless to that of a dome tweeter. As a result it provides an immediate and precise response to any transients in the original signal. Rt1.3 has speedy transient behavior and high sensitivity. Linear phase response synchronizing tome delay characteristic improves positioning precision of reproduction.

Highly efficient heat-dispel structure reduces the temperature of the vibration chip in working.

This ideal characteristic makes its design for any drive exportation the power enlargers are all the ideal loads, at the same time consumedly decrease the design complications.

Products Graph:

Frequency response
Mechanical Drawing
Top View
Part View 1
Part View 2
Bottom View

Ribbon tweeter:

RT1.3 Isodynamic Tweeter
Nominal impedance (Ω) : 6 Ω
Nominal power : 10 W
Max power : 20 W
Sensitivity(2.83v/1m) : 92 dB
Weight : 0.2 kg
Magnetic System : Neodymium
Recommended Crossover Frequency : >2500Hz
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