Swans S400


Fashion and modern design:
Dulcet S400 was the first style specialized for multimedia users, it was of 2.1 system. The whole style of S400 is very active, and the whole shape of satellite speaker is of round sphere; if it matches with Wave-shape stripe, it will look like a unique automobile headlight. The smooth modeling is extremely likeable.

The bass artillery of S400 has big volume and heavy weight was applied wooden material; at another side it reflected the wonderful quality. It applied 6 inch long stroke loudspeaker, and the grid mantle of loudspeaker protruded outside. Considering the style of it as same as satellite is of smooth and elegant. It outward color is silver gray, which is perfect match for outward appearance.

The fine and exquisite product works:
The satellite speaker of Dulcet S400 applied entire frequency band antimagnetic speaker has small volume and heavy weight, which reflects its wonderful works. The audio frequency line is very long and thick applied RCA lotus linking point.

The bass artillery of S400 applied 6-inch long stroke loudspeaker and 1-way binding post box body framework. The back of bass artillery is the audio frequency input/output connection, the power source connection, a gigantic radiator fin and a knob for adjusting bass. From the back works we can see it really get the features of Swans good products.

You can see the other accessories when disassemble the back of bass artillery. Like satellite speaker the bass artillery also applied entire frequency band antimagnetic design, which are rare in other speakers. The powerful power supplying "Huannu" transformer marked output power handling is 60W. It's power source circuit and audio circuit was done elegant, two 6800MF big filter wave capacitances are noticeable in power circuit. Otherwise, it well disposed in some details, such as applied leakproof measures in wire-exposed parts.

There is no volume adjusting knob for bass artillery, which is controlled by a outward line has a big static sound button, if you touch it, then sudden quiet.

Products Graph:

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Multimedia Speakers:

Swans S400
Speaker Model:DulcetS400 Satellite Speaker.
System series : Dulcet Multi-media
System Description : : vented-box speaker
Frequency Response : 165Hz~18KHz
Sensitivity (2.83V,1M) : 80dB
Nominal impedance (Ω) :
Power Handling (W) : 5-15w
Finish Cabinet : Silver
Grid Mantle :
Dimensions : 122x118x111mm
Net Weight : 0.75kg
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