BS1000 Car Sub-Woofer System


With slender figure and correct sound BS1000 is a series of advanced active automobile ultra-bass.  

Ultra-long linear stroke 10-inch bass unit, high-strength aluminum alloy film membrane, high damping fatigue resistance NBT fold ring, penetrated stable bracket, strong actuate linear magnetic circuit and high power ultra-long multi-layer voice coil make it forceful and sensitive.

Special designed high power big current optimize frequency ribbon ultra-bass amplifier are well in drive and control ability. Its integrated large area radiator structure match with short circuit and overheat protection can greatly increase responsibility. The radiator effect is double the common structure.

Double 10-inch non-active radiation box body design applied high strength high-density panel totally avoid sound contamination. Used the one third area of the same caliber unit, it has well effect in bass and save the precious room for automobile. Decorated with noble decorations coordinate well with automobile and integrated design between speaker and amplifier solved the matching problem of loudspeaker and amplifier system.

Products Graph:

BS1000 Part View
BS10D Bottom View
BS10D Top View
BS10L Side View
BS10L Part View
BS1000 Side View
BS10D Side View
BS10L Bottom View

Car Speakers:

BS1000 Car Sub-Woofer System
System series : Hi-End Speaker systems
System Description : active ultra-bass
Frequency Response : 30Hz-180kHz
Sensitivity (2.83V, 1m) : 90dB
Nominal impedance :
Power Handling : 20-150W
Dimensions : 300x410x335 mm
Net Weight : 20kg
Tweeter : BS10L
Woofer : BS10D
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