Swans 2.5HT


    Swans 2.5HT belongs to Swans flagship series, designed for large/medium size home theater environments.

    Each Swans 2.5HT home theater system's front speaker consists of sixteen 28mm soft dome tweeters and sixteen isodynamic ribbon tweeters, creating ultra low distortion of linear sound source. This kind of driver configuration ensures higher sound resolution and dynamic output.  Four 5" bass-midrange drivers produce the mid-low frequency range.  A side mounted 15" subwoofer handles ultra low frequencies.  Center and surround speakers perfectly match the front speakers by using the same drivers.  The Swans 2.5HT sound is very natural, resulting in an ideal home theater sound system.

    There is no need for an extra subwoofer, and the system setup and installation is very easy.

    The finish of Swans 2.5HT is a real wood veneer covered by piano lacquer.  The array of tweeters is mounted on an aluminum alloy panel, creating a classic look with a touch of modern design.

    The outstanding characteristic of the Swans 2.5 is extremely dynamic. The quality of the soundstage is excellent, creating a natural sound, especially suited for today's dynamic high definition home theatre systems.

   Swans 2.5HT
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