Swans X3HT Home Theater System


HiVi Swans X3HT - THX Certified Ultimate Home Theater System

Design ed as an ultimate home theater system and Certified by THX, the HiVi X3HT has the same three front channel speakers, the sound is very smooth and natural. According to the environment, you can configure the system with one, two or three independent active subwoofers. Rear surround speakers can deliver ideal surround sound. HiVi X3HT can reproduce movie sound accurately in different home listening environments.

Front speakers X 3F and subwoofer X3S setup together through isolated spikes, this can reduce the interferences from subwoofer to satellite speakers. X 3F using two 6.5" woofers, two 3" midranges and one 28mm soft dome tweeter to make D'Appolito configuration. Powered subwoofer X3S using 15" driver unit, and having in-built 260W power amplifier. The whole system can easily get very dynamic high SPL sound level output.

HiVi Swans X3HT is suitable for wide range home listening environments.

   Swans X3HT Home Theater System

Swans X3F

Swans X3R

Swans X3Sub
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