Swans F1.1HT


Swans F1.1 HT Home Theater System

Flagship series for exalted taste.

F1.1HT is the latest revision of the well known F1HT which obtained "Award of Excellence" for demonstrating excellence in design, engineering, and quality for Hi-end audio products from HETV (Home Entertainment Television) during T.H.E.SHOW in Las Vegas, USA. Continuing on this tradition and building on the systems original strengths we designed the new system using some of our best known loudspeaker drivers. The midrange driver used in the F1.1HT is the same as used in our flagship Swans 2.3 design. The system retains many of the advantage of the original F1HT design, natural, powerful, and dynamic. F1.1HT is a powerful home theater system specially designed for large listening rooms, professional recording studios, large living rooms, or a small screening theaters.

Swans F1.1HT is composed of two front speakers (Swans F1.1F), a center speaker (Swans F1.1C), and two surround speakers (Swans F5R).

The Swans F1.1F is a full range 4-way 4th order vented box system. High-mid frequency and woofers are arranged in a D扐ppolito configuration. The driver configuration is: RT1.3 Isodynamic ribbon tweeter, 28mm dome tweeter, 6.5" mid-range, and 4 pieces of 10" D series woofers.

For mid-range, Swans F1.1F adopts a custom designed professional 6.5" driver. This driver was specially designed for to withstand the rigorous requirements of home theater while keeping the warm and natural qualities needed for listening to music.

For the low end, Swans F1.1F adopts 4 D10 drivers with 100mm voice coils. The effect is almost the same as a 15" woofer but the smaller array of D10 drivers give more power and punch to the bass. The drivers give the speed, accuracy, and power demanded by music and home theater enthusiasts today.

The center speaker F1.1C is a 4-way 4th order vented box system, the driver configuration is RT1.3 Isodynamic ribbon tweeter, 28mm dome tweeter, two 5" midranges, and two D6 woofers.

The surround speaker is F5R, a 2-way 2nd order sealed box system.

   Swans F1.1HT
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Swans F1.1F

Swans F1.1C

Swans F1.1R
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