Swans 5.1PHT


A distinguishing element is the externally mounted tweeter.

It has been our experience that this technique improves the sense of spaciousness in many musical pieces. Normally, with conventional speakers, you achieve this effect by moving the speaker out into the room away from the walls. In the real world however, this is not always possible and this technology is a good compromise when you do not have that option.

The midrange is handled by a 2-inch fabric dome driver that we have found works extremely well when used with the M series woofers. It completely enclosed and is very accurate at reproducing music or the human voice.

The bass is reproduced by two 6-inch woofers. We are quite surprised at the abundance of bass coming from these drivers. They work extremely well in this vented cabinet producing a satisfying amount of bass even when the subwoofer is turned off.

The C3P center speaker incorporates some interesting technology. Directly below the floating dome tweeter is a compact 2-inch fabric dome midrange unit. The same midrange dome is used very successfully in our upscale models, the F1-ht and F2P-ht as well as in the front speakers.

The sound from this combination is exceptional. The two 6-inch woofers on either side of this array lend an authoritative tone to male voice.

The surround speakers are a work of art. Sculptured from the same low resonate MDF board used in the other cabinets, they are a dipole design and are very effective at creating a convincing surround environment.

The Swans 5.1P is finished in rosewood and piano black lacquer. The side panels of the are substantially braced within and have a graceful curve running front to back.

   Swans 5.1PHT
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