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HiVi Swans CES Innovations Honoree Awards exhibiting at the Las Vegas Sands Expo

Author:HiVi Speaker Systems, Inc.     Release Time:Jan 16, 2009

 Prior to the opening of each year’s CES, the CES judge panel selects different categories of the CES Innovations Awards. All the awarded products are presented and displayed at the CES Innovations Awards Showcase at the Las Vegas Sands Expo and Convention Center.


Exhibiting at CES Innovations Showcase at Las Vegas Sands Expo

         This year Swans Speakers Systems received 2 Design and Engineering Awards for Swans M200MKIII and the Swans 2.3B, in the categories of Computer Peripherals and Home Theatre respectively.



        The Swans 2.3 B is an active ultimate ribbon home theater system built for the high end private home cinema. The 2.3B main speakers are arranged by high end drivers in a true linear sound source configuration. A single front main speaker has sixteen isodynamic ribbon tweeters that work in conjunction with sixteen soft dome midrange drivers and four 6.5” bass-midrange drivers to form the principal of low level distortion and a powerful output.


Swans 2.3B being display at CES Innovations Showcase.

        The two 15” powered subwoofers, makes the Swans 2.3B perfect for A large listening venue. Both the main speakers and the subwoofer come with built-in amplifiers which enable the 2.3B to propel such an enormous system. The perfect acoustic design of the system offers powerful yet dulcet tone. The center matching the Di-pole rear forms the perfect surround sound. The Swans 2.3B is created by world class designers and top of the art technology to bring you the home theatre of your dreams.

        In addition, the Swans 2.0 multimedia system, also won one of the Design and Engineering Awards this year from The CES Innovations Award 2009.

        Swans M200MKIII can be said to be a pair of revolutionary multimedia speakers. The Swans M200MKIII have a stunning and beautiful design without losing its traditional style, a new concept in the industry that won the M200MKIII reputation of being a classic among the newest generation of speakers. The design is timeless. Through out the past 10 years, M200 has consistently stood out as one of our highest performing speakers. Now, the M200MKIII will embark on a new voyage with its most recently upgraded cabinet. Its cabinet will be replaced by the deluxe wooden panel that combined with classic taste and the cutting edge sound technology.

CES Innovation Awarded product – Swans M200MKIII


        The huge CES exhibition is happening here. The 2009 Swans Speaker Systems booth is located at Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 2, booth #26402.
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