Hi-Vi RESEARCH Production base

  • One of the worlds leading high quality, Hi-end audio driver manufacturers.
  • Over 3 million Hi-end drivers produced annually.
  • Over 600,000 Hi-end speaker systems produced annually.
  • ISO 9002 certified for all our drivers and speaker systems.
  • Two separate facilities totalling 1 million sq. ft are dedicated to driver and cabinet production. 
  • We were the first manufacturer to use LMS / LEAP in our Chinese manufacturing centers- beginning in 1993.
  • To ensure perfect quality our equipment utilizes the best testing systems including B&K, TEF, Mlssa, Clio and LMS.
  • Advanced software including Ansoft, Redrock, Protel, 3D Max and Solidworks are employed for cutting edge design.
  • There are over eight hundred HiVi dealers in Asia.
  • Our products undergo rigorous design and innovative engineering by professionals in the US and are manufactured under strict supervision.
Hi-Vi RESEARCH Panyu production base. Guangdong. China 
Panyu China      
 Panyu factory  Panyu factory Panyu factory   Panyu factory  
Laboratory  Wood processing  Wood processing CNC machine
Panyu factory    Veneer processing Solid wood processing Solid wood processing
 Assembly line Crossover  Assembly line Preparing for assembly...  
In production  Products  Awaiting quality testing... Warehousing
Warehousing  3D design Mlssa, LMS, B&K testing Listening room
Hi-Vi RESEARCH Zhongshan production base. Guangdong. China
Zhongshan driver driver driver
 Zhongshan factory Driver assembly line Driver assembly line Hi-end driver assembly
driver  driver  warehouse2  
On-line driver test  Driver testing  Warehousing

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