TN25 Hi-end Tweeter

High-end natural fiber dome membrane.
Flat frequency response, could reach 25 KHz in high frequency range.
High-performance, shielded Neodymium magnets; sandwich antimagnetic structure, effectively suppresses the leakage magnetic field, forming a small linear uniform magnetic field.
Heat-resistant, high power handling ferro fluid cooled voice coil with aluminum alloy former and aluminum voice coil wire coated with copper.
Sound absorption rear acoustic chamber design decreases the non-linear distortion near the resonance frequency;
TN25 can be used as a tweeter of center channel speaker or surround speaker in a home theater system.


Nominal Impedance (Z)(Ω) : 5
Resonance Frequency (Fs)(Hz) : 1500
Nominal Power Handling (Pnom)(W) : 15
Sensitivity (2.83v/1m)(dB) : 90
Weight (M)(Kg) : 0.09
VC Diameter (mm) : 25
DC (Re)(Ω) : 4.6
VC Layers : 2
VC Former : CCAW
VC Frame : ALuminum
Magnet System : Shielded
Magnet Former : Neodymium
Recommended Crossover Frequency(Hz) : >2000

Products Graph:

Frequency Response
Mechanical Drawing
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